Data Engineering

Keep your engineering team focused on building your product. Tap into our team of experts to complete your critical data projects, or let us amplify your internal team’s resources.

Big Data Scoping and Strategy

You need your data infrastructure built right the first time - vital business decisions depend on it. Leverage our deep expertise to customize a big data scope and strategy that encompasses the best approach to storage, analysis, data frameworks, and data models for your specific business needs. Our careful planning will set your organization up for long-term analytics success.

Data Pipeline Architecture and Implementation

Data pipelines are complex. Building one that is scalable is difficult without the right combination of skills and experience. Leverage our team's experience architecting and implementing data pipelines for businesses of all sizes and use cases. We'll make sure the data flows accurately and reliably so you can stay focused on driving your business.

ETL Architecture and Implementation

A necessary task of nearly every analytics project requires moving data from one or more sources to one or more target systems. We have deep expertise in designing, building, implementing and tuning comprehensive ETL solutions so that your data is clean upon arrival and ready for use.

Design and Build of Data Lakes, Data Warehouses & Data Views

Whether your data architecture requires data lakes, warehouses or views, our team is skilled at developing the best hierarchical relationships and data schema for ensuring that the right information is accessible at the right time to answer your most challenging business questions.

Machine Learning

Using algorithms we build automated models that uncover connections, identify patterns, and make decisions with little to no human intervention. Our experience in Machine Learning will help your organization build custom solutions for processing large volumes of data to make better business decisions.