Entelo is a powerful recruiting automation platform that transforms the way top talent is discovered, qualified and hired. Entelo brings the next level to intelligent recruiting with Envoy an AI powered solution that automates and screens the best candidates faster.

Big Challenge

Standardize reporting across marketing and account sales teams to analyze the entire funnel from ad click to opportunity closed-won.


Mammoth started from scratch to redefine all key marketing and sales metrics, audit existing reports against raw source data and finally rebuild quarterly marketing and sales reporting for cross disiplin analysis.

Key Results

After a successful site launched, Flow was poised and confident in their data collection. With high quality and high volume data flowing in we:

  • Designed and built new quarterly pipeline, marketing and sales reports going back over a year ago using visual and change over time BI presentations
  • Developed and manually cleaned historic data to perform first ever attribution and ROAS reporting used to revise quarterly paid marketing spend
  • Standardized definitions, source data and queries so marketing, sales and ops teams all access and consume exactly the same data for better decision making
  • Provide baseline metrics used in Board of Directors quarterly reporting