Integrate multiple disparate technologies to provide a unified data layer to power mobile attribution reporting, marketing affiliate programs and email automation.

Mammoth audited the existing data layer, defined change requirements, and supported the (re)implementation of,, Impact Radius, Amplitude and Responsys.

Established a unifying event data layer with clear definitions powers all martech tools including conversion and revenue tracking events

Defined requirements, setup and tested integrations with, Tune, Impact Radius and Responsys.

Provided strategic research and design for a new affiliate marketing program which is now the most cost efficient channel of new users and subscribers

No more ‘guess-and-check’. Mammoth helped our cross-functional teams step back from guessing what went wrong, and instead identified which user actions were generating paying customers. This information has helped us put the right programs in place to better drive conversion.

- David Carney, CFO

Knowing that a touch from our Customer Success team makes a trial user 5 times more likely to become a customer, we’ve made in-app outreach programs a new priority.

-Stefan Pintaric, Director of Customer Experience