Key Behaviors Associated With 5X Higher Conversion More Likely to Convert

User behavioral modeling determines key behaviors that make trial users 5x more likely to become customers.


A/B Testing Outcomes Lead to Significant Growth in Paid Subscribers

Implementing a new framework for A/B testing helps team define hypotheses, size out each opportunity and prioritize.


New Data & Analytics Framework Supports over 400% User Growth in 6 Months

Building a strong data infrastructure empowers data driven decisions that deliver smart growth decisions.


No More Manual Spreadsheet Reports

New data warehouse and BI environment relieves team of time consuming manual updates.  


New KPI Tool Predicts Revenue and Alerts Team To Unusual Activity

Automated KPI tool accurately predicts market trends, and alerts team of unusual market activity.


Integrated multiple disparate technologies to provide a unified data layer to power mobile attribution reporting, marketing affiliate programs and email automation.  


Modernized marketing technologies and tools to expedite experimentation, automation and full user journey reporting.


Standardized reporting across marketing and account sales teams to analyze the entire funnel from ad click to opportunity closed-won.


Casetext built the most advanced library of legal case law on the market but without well-defined reports and business intelligence, they were sentenced to a lifetime of guesswork.



Designed and built a custom attribution model including ROAS reporting to analyze and find strategies to optimize marketing campaign spend.

Designed and built a new automated data warehouse reporting system including ETLs and real time dashboards used daily to manage business growth.

Designed and built an end to end data warehouse and custom ETL infrastructure and developed complete product performance dashboards.

Designed, implemented and rolled out an affiliate marketing program to generate new leads at a fraction of the cost vs other paid channels.

Built a custom attribution model that unifies cross platform user-level attribution reports used for LTV, market and marketing reporting.

Supported the design and tools selection for a transition from legacy martech tools to a faster modern martech suite that powers better user tracking and retention.

Conducted a data audit to fix flaws in a lead scoring program, standardized UTM and marketing tracking then developed marketing and sales.

Audited existing marketing reporting suite, validated data quality, completed last touch marketing attribution reporting and behavior analysis.

Developed 12 real time dashboards with 150+ metrics supporting operations, marketing and product functions, completed user behavioral retention analysis and AB testing.

Designed and built a data warehouse, ETLs and BI dashboard to analyze top of funnel conversion, (CRO) optimization including CAC analysis by channel.

Designed a new behavioral analytics schema to better use to power performance marketing team's conversion and attribution reporting.

Standardized behavioral event tracking schema and reimplement tracking logic in Heap to support pre/post analysis of marketing site design changes.